Archer Hacker Rapper Ninja Zombie Pirate Monkey

Found in the Forest

HP: 8

Initial Text
Huh. This thing… Well, you have no idea what to think about this thing. The more you think about it, the more your head hurts. The monkey finally notices you and decides to fight.

Hit Text
It jumps at you and eats your brain for # damage!
It quickly hacks itself into a robot, and proceeds to pummel you for # damage!

Miss Text
It tries to hack item #1337 from the database, expecting to get a Composite Cutlass-Shuriken. Silly monkey, that's item #1338.

You Miss Text
Right as you're about to attack, it breaks out into a pirate zombie rap. Gah, your brain hurts now.

Item Drops
Torn, ripped coupon
Hunter's red
Hacked parachute pants
Pirate Zombie Rap Lyrics (possible one time drop?)

Refers to the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot clan and/or familiar from The Kingdom of Loathing.

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