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NyteShaydeNyteShayde 03 May 2008 11:28
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I see we have quite a number of new faces here on the project. GREAT TO HAVE YOU!

After playing KoL and learning how invaluable the KoL wiki is, I've become a firm believer that all games need wikis…. We should WIKI THE WORLD!…. wait… that's been done.

Anyway, feel free to edit and play and do whatever you feel needs to be done here. I'm new to the Wiki editing experience so if things go wonky every now and again, don't worry. It's probably me trying to figure out CSS code or something. I'll get it eventually. Feel free to make up templates and things. I know Denarius is working on a few things. We started out just plugging things in and making item pages and such. We'll organize it and interlink it all eventually. :-P Yes, there is a TON missing. I have a good reason for that! I signed up for SR with a couple of days of it being announced that there was a site up with account registration… but at that point there was no logging in. :-P I gave it a bit and went to check to see how things were coming and BOOM! There had already been a wipe and things were moving along! It's fantastic! So yeah… I'm a *little* later getting in on it that some of you, but by GAWD I'm just as excited!

So yeah… I'm sure I could ramble more. But I'll stop there. Basically, I'm sure you all know how a wiki works. Wikidot is pretty much the same as the wikimedia wikis. I'll start working on colors for this later. Get a nice complimentary theme that works with SR.

If you need to contact me, my email is on the "contact" page or I can be found in KoL… usually in /radio or /games . And usually on either Bam (#291172) or Bamicon (#1338670) but sometimes on ModusOperandi (#1236863) or Tudot (#886904)

Welcome! by NyteShaydeNyteShayde, 03 May 2008 11:28
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