Guy Made of Beekeepers

Found in the forest.

HP: 7-10

Initial Text
Man. This is either one really, really big guy or a bunch of really, really small beekeepers. As you try to figure it out, he (they?) suddenly says, "We are beekeepers. We hate you," and jumps into combat.

Hit Text
He punches you with a fist made of beekeepers for # damage!

He summons a dog made of bees and sics it on you. You're promptly bitten and stung for # damage!

Miss Text
He grabs a beehive to throw at you, but stops when he realizes that it might injure the bees inside.

You Miss Text
Your attack misses him, and instead hits one of his beehives! He glares at you with all his hatred before preparing for his next attack.

Item Drops
Torned, ripped coupon
Automagical Acid

Refers to the Guy Made of Bees from The Kingdom of Loathing

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