IT Serpentines in India

Satyam is still an wound to us,even the burn is not healed up,mean while a number of middle sized snakes are ready to spoil Indian economy by its venom. They seem to us as so called corporate but originally an intense poison which can reflect Indian economy damaged in an ancillary way;Indian government is strongly aware it and that is why tried to sensor partly the google and facebook,as this is the loop whole of an 'open economy' that direct restriction can not be imposed.In regard to China ,Indian constitute can not ban certain things forcefully,and that is why in front of the eyes of our constitute ,we touch,we feel ,we realize that our economical growth is trembled by the activities of these sudden evolved poisonous bubble,but we are compelled to be holocaust by this methane.Yes,hereby,I am directly pointing towards the so called 'IT Training institutes' ramping on emerging technologies like 'Ethical Hacking',we are by this direct technological explosion in a middle staged situation ,where neither we are adopting it nor we are preventing ourselves to prevent the crimes in cyber path.Crime and Economy ,how they are connected?!Let me,draft that part step wise: Actually cyber mishapping are mostly commercial,it may start from a single dollar and being limitless ,no hacker would adopt any hacking process for leaking a single dollar right!same thing is happening in India also:why should I be stealing a penny where million is floating wireless,and,mostly these so called Niche technology('Ethical Hacking'?!) educating firms are imposing training in to produce 'hacker',there is no term called 'ethical hacker'!Have you ever heard a thief is stealing maintaining ethic,nou,never,same thing happening here also:producing a number of well educated ,well armed and well maintained thieves in front of the nose of our intelligence ,defense and security! Thieves are always crunching for economy-hence the conclusion is we are in a position to invite to receive a decline economy in front our nerve,knowing with full knowledge but parallelized to do any thing apart from writing article like this!!As this type of training process has no fixed parameter,so…alerting..'Kolaveri Di'-Vijay Dinanath

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